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Get yourself some fun reading. Excellent novels for only 1 each as ebook. in Lawrence, Kansas For Sale

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Hey science fiction fans! Three outstanding books series can be yours! The Colony Ship Eschaton, The Colony Ship Vanguard, and now The Colony Ship Conestoga. They are all set in the same universe, and are parallel, but stand-alone series. Start with book 1 of any series and have fun!
?Quest for the Conestoga?
Dome 17 is the only safe place left on a dead Earth. Life in Dome 17 takes a dramatic turn after some adventurers return from evaluating other domes. The struggling remnant of humanity cannot remain safe in the dome much longer. The question is where to go and how to get there? Can the lost colony ship program provide a possible refuge? Seven vast colony ships were launched a hundred years ago, but can one of them be located? Will it offer a chance to survive?
Cammarry and Jerome are faced with going on a mission using unproven technology. Will the faster-than-light ship work? It can only carry two people, so how will the other xxxx survivors find safety? Will they reach one of those enigmatic, old, and mysterious colony ships? Will they be able to set up the new teleportation system to bring everyone from Dome 17 to that ship? Will technology work, or fail?
What will these brave adventurers, and Sandie, their new artificial intelligence system find on their quest for the Conestoga?
?Marooned on the Conestoga?
In Book two of The Colony Ship Conestoga series, Jerome and Cammarry, the adventurers from Earth are trapped on the wrecked derelict of the once enormous generational ship. It is in orbit around a mysterious and unknown planet, but most of its systems have failed, and life is barely managing to survive. All eight of the huge biological habitats, the places where food and people were to thrive are missing. Did they make planet fall? Were they destroyed? Where are the people who once populated the Colony Ship Conestoga?
Cammarry and Jerome, along with Sandie their artificial intelligence system, work to investigate the wreck. What will they discover? What dangerous await? Are they marooned on the Conestoga? Can they find some way to escape? And if there is a way to escape, where do they go?
?Repairing the Conestoga? is book three of the series.
Cammarry and Jerome have only explored a small part of the wrecked Colony Ship Conestoga. The section called the needle ship is in orbit around a strange world, but where are the remaining sections?
Using the help of Khin, a man born on the needle ship, and the artificial intelligence system Sandie, Jerome and Cammarry try to get parts of the old ship fixed and functional. But things do not go smoothly.
What will they discover? What new things await? How will they locate the lost habitats which made planet-fall somewhere on the unknown planet? What dangers will they encounter as are repairing the Conestoga?
This series joins the two great sci-fi novel series which are complete and available to you.
The Colony Ship Eschaton (10 books) or
The Colony Ship Vanguard (8 books)
Get yours today on Amazon. Just $.99 each for Kindle version, or order paperbacks.
Now a special Kindle only exclusive! ALL TEN Colony Ship Eschaton books for only $6.99
Now a special Kindle only exclusive! ALL EIGHT Colony Ship Vanuard books for only $6.99
Or buy individually:
"Recovery of a Colony Ship" by John Thornton
Michael and Jamie live in Dome 17, the last place safe for humans, or any life, on a dying earth. They are adventurers who have explored other domes, but everywhere else is dead. Will Dome 17 meet the same fate?
The committee has a risky plan to try out unproven technologies: a faster than light scout ship, and teleportation. Both technologies have severe limits. Only two people can be carried aboard those FTL scout ships for a one way journey, Teleportation can only work when a receiving pad is at the target location. So can they make both these technologies work to save the last of humanity?
One hundred years before, the people of earth had built gigantic colony ships with enclosed habitats. They were filled with flora and fauna and people. These ships were launched into space knowing it would take generations to reach other solar systems. Those space pioneers would live out their lives in transition to a new world. But the colony ship program was considered a dismal failure. All of the colony ships were considered lost.
Will Michael and Jamie travel to one of the colony ships? Will it be a derelict? Or will it be a chance for a new home for humanity?
Go to Amazon and check it out!
And now the exciting book 2 is also available.
?Exploring the Colony Ship: After Recovery?
The Earth is a dry, dead, wasteland. The last place livable was Dome 17, but as it was failing. Those people made a last ditch effort to survive. Through a bold and daring plan, they were able to reach what seems to be a derelict colony ship, The Eschaton which is in mid flight. (Please see book one, "Recovery of a Colony Ship)
The Eschaton had been designed to hold numerous and diverse immense biological habitats: flora, fauna, and everything needed to terraform a new world. It also carried thousands of people in suspended animation. The ship was designed to be tended by crews who would live out their lives in the journey between worlds. That journey would only be completed after several generations had lived and died while in transit. That was the plan. But something happened......
The people from Dome 17 have reached The Eschaton, but what will they find in those habitats? What systems are still functioning? Did any of the crew survive? What lurks deep in the bowels of a colony ship?
Jamie and Michael will learn much more as they Explore the Colony Ship.
And book 3 is ?Unknowns of the Colony Ship?
Jamie and Michael continue to discover how vast and unknown is the old colony ship. What things lurk in the biological habitats? What ways will danger appear? Why do some of the artificial intelligence systems seem to work, but others do not? Why are the automacubes not always functioning? Why was a dismembered body through the transport system? Who did that? How will the refugees from Dome 17 interact with the people who were born inside the habitats of the Eschaton? What threats to the very survival of the people exist in the unknown reaches of the Colony Ship Eschaton? And personally, can Jamie and Michael survive these unknown threats?
Book 4, ?Hunting on the Colony Ship? is now available on Kindle.
The giant Colony Ship Eschaton has numerous habitats with animals, plants, and people, all of which should be in balance as it makes its generations long journey to another solar system. One of those people is Tamar, a young woman who was born on-board and is growing up in the town of Media.
Because of failures in past generations, both human and mechanical, most people born on board the Eschaton do not even know they are inside a colony ship. Technology has been lost, societies have crumbled, and dangers abound. People struggle just to survive.
Tamar is gifted with machines, but that is not a blessing in the town where she lives. She has a frightful encounter in the night and is forced to flee everything she knows. She hunts for her freedom, and she hunts for answers to who she is.
She runs away and encounters Michael and Jamie, two of the Dome 17 refugees who escaped the dying Earth and are trying to keep humanity alive in the Colony Ship Eschaton. Jamie and Michael are also hunting for answers about the old ship's systems, and are hunting for keys to unlock its secrets. But some things do not want to be found.
Someone is also hunting for Tamar. And he is hunting for vengeance.
Book 5 is ?Mysteries on the Colony Ship"
Something mysterious is happening. The giant colony Ship Eschaton is in the midst of its generations long journey to another solar system. But in Habitat One: Coastal Plains, two strange bodies have been found. There are rumors of a lurking visitor. Is anyone safe?
The artificial intelligence systems still are not functioning as expected. Now more then ever the AIs are needed. The people born on the ship, as well as the refugees from Dome 17 are struggling to survive, and to learn more about the huge colony ship and its various habitats. But what do these mysteries mean?
Jamie, Michael and their friends set out in an attempt to unravel these mysteries, but what they encounter is not what they expect. Who will make it back alive?
Book 6 in the Colony Ship Eschaton series is Discoveries on the Colony Ship
On the Colony Ship Eschaton things are being discovered. What will they mean for the refugees from Dome 17? Will they be helpful in restoring the technology of the Eschaton? Will the Domers finally find a way to repair their high tech equipment? Or will these discoveries lead to more tension between those born on board and the newcomers? Tensions mount as a major crisis happens. Who will survive when old adversaries return to seek retribution? And who will not?
Book seven is Building the Colony Ship
Jamie and Michael are called to help track down something vicious that is destroying food in Habitat One of the Colony Ship Eschaton. What they uncover is more than a dangerous food thief. Left behind, by an old friend, is a secret history of the ship itself. Cut off from everyone except Liduma the dog, Jamie and Michael race to recover the pieces to the suppressed history, but something else is trying to stop them. Will Jamie, Michael, and Liduma make it back to report what they have learned about the building of the colony ship?
Revenge on the Colony Ship
In book 8 of the Colony Ship Eschaton series, Jamie and Michael face the revenge of some old enemies. Not everyone will come out of these encounters alive.
Book 9 is ?Invasion on the Colony Ship?
One of the barely functional artificial intelligence systems on the Colony Ship Eschaton has sent a warning message. Who will receive it? What will happen? What has found the ship and why is an invasion happening?
Can the people and systems inside of the Colony Ship confront this new foe? If so, how?
?Destination of the Colony Ship"
In book ten, the final book of the Colony Ship Eschaton series, the adventurers and crew and AIs look to incorporate a modified version of faster-than-light travel. Will it work? Will an old enemy try to stop them? Will they make it to the destination of the colony ship?
Check out these books on Amazon, and each is only $.99 on Kindle. The books are available in print form for only $7.99 each (book 10 is slightly higher for print form). The entire ten book series is available in one Kindle volume for only $6.99
Book 1 of the Colony Ship Vanguard series is now available.
The Colony Ship Vanguard was one of seven colony ships launched from a damaged Earth in a desperate plan to carry human settlers to Earth equivalent worlds.? ?The voyages would take generations,? ?and the people on board,? ?as well as the flora and fauna in huge biological habitats had to be stable.? ?But something happened on the way.?
Now,? ?over one hundred years later,? ?Earth is all but dead.? ?People survive only in Dome? ?17.? ?Gretchen and Paul are one of the teams who partake in a risky and dangerous mission to try to recover a colony ship.? ?They will be using two unproven technologies:? ?faster-than-light travel and teleportation.? ?Each of those have significant limits.? ?But the missions to the colony ships are humanity?s final hope for long term survival.?
What will Gretchen and Paul encounter while they are trying to find the Vanguard??
Book 2 is ?Trapped on the Vanguard?
Gretchen and Paul, refugees from a dead Earth, have found the old Colony Ship Vanguard. The ship is on its generations long journey to another solar system. The ship has suffered a severe epidemic and not everything is functional. The various biological habitats are vast and unexplored by Gretchen and Paul. What will they find as they explore and investigate the old ship? Will they find friends or enemies? Will anyone believe they really have come from Earth? What will their new lives be like, trapped on the Vanguard?
Book 3 is ?Danger on the Vanguard?
Something is happening to the shuttles which fly from habitat to habitat around the Vanguard. In this third book of the Colony Ship Vanguard series, Paul and Gretchen continue to find out more about their surroundings. Brinley, the Free Ranger they saved helps them as strange dangers happen, and mysteries are unraveled.
Book 4 is ?Searching the Vanguard?
In book 4 of the Colony Ship Vanguard series, Paul, Gretchen, and Brinley search for a way to reconnect with the artificial intelligence system, Tiffany.
Along the way, they encounter many dangers and unknowns, including this message: ?The limits to the lattice of compeers have not been established. I am unable to make conjectures to answer your inquiry. Vanguard systems are interactive and evolving for enhanced performance and operations in service to the core programming and core mission of the Vanguard. In prime condition, the science and engineering of the lattice of artificial intelligences includes: ethics, reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, communication, perception in nonphysicality, perception in physical realms, and the ability to direct and manipulate objects in service to the mission of the Vanguard. The Vanguard itself is sentient when all systems are operational. Core programming revolves around penultimate mission objective: the Vanguard will successfully traverse space to the Westerhuis 9 system, locate best planetary body, establish functional colony. All other objectives secondary. The lattice of compeers is essential to reaching that mission objective.?
What else will be found while they are searching the Vanguard?
?Enemy on the Vanguard? is book 5
Inside the enormous Colony Ship Vanguard, tension and stress is everywhere. Strange and unknown things have been happening, and people are dying. What is causing this? Who is behind the threats? What is killing people and destroying equipment? What will happen to Brinley, Paul, and Gretchen as they face the enemy on the Vanguard?
Book 6 is ?Escaping the Vanguard?
Paul and Gretchen have suffered enormous hardships on the Colony Ship Vanguard. They decide to try to make an escape. Forging ahead with the assistance of the artificial intelligence system Tiffany they devise a plan that might help them to get away from the death and destruction they have seen. Will they be successful as they make an attempt at escaping the Vanguard?
?Defending the Vanguard?
In book 7 of the Colony Ship Vanguard series, Paul, Gretchen, Brinley, and Larissa are seeking to find ways to counter the threats to the Colony Ship Vanguard. The alien forces are brutally seeking to take over. Humans are struggling and unsure how to respond. What will happen as the humans work at defending the Vanguard?
Fate of the Vanguard is book 8 and the final book in the series.
In this exciting and final volume of the Colony Ship Vanguard series, Paul, Gretchen, and their friends face the greatest threat of their lives. Not everyone will survive. What will be the fate of the Vanguard?

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